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February 22, 2015 - February 21, 2018

  1. Put the CLRP button above on the sidebar of your blog.
  2. Make your own criteria of children’s literature. You may refer to any source (e.g., here, there or this), but it has to be children, young adults are not accepted.
  3. Make a list of children’s book you want to read in the following 3 (three) years. You may start from 10, 15, 25, 50, or as many as you can manage. You can always change your list, just set your own goal. After that, don’t forget to put your link in the link tool here.
  4. Your list is your guide. Every time you finish your book, make a review then put the link on your book list, so you can control your pace. There are no specific format or rules for the reviews.
  5. You can make annual or 6-months progress post, just to make sure that everything is running well. And then, put your progress post in the provided link tool (will be updated later).


Children's literature is for readers and listeners up to about age 12. It is often illustrated. The term is used in senses that sometimes exclude young-adult fiction, comic books, or other genres. Books specifically for children existed at least several hundred years ago.

My List
  1. Agatha Mystery: Misteri Hilangnya Mutiara Benggala — Sir Steve Stevenson
  2. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland — Lewis Carroll
  3. Ghosthunters: Dark Tower — Anthony Masters
  4. Leafie — Hwang Sun-mi
  5. Misteri Museum di Batavia — Wurni Diningsih 
  6. Scary Tales #1: Home Sweet Horror — James Preller
  7. Scary Tales #2: I Scream, You Scream — James Preller
  8. Scary Tales #3: Good Night, Zombie — James Preller
  9. Weird and Wicked Series: Peti Misterius — Nabila Anwar
  10. Wizard at Work — Vivian Vande Velde

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  1. Hallo, kayanya telat ya kalau mau bilang welcome :D
    Selamat menikmati list bacaannya :)

  2. Hallo! Hehe...gak kerasa udah setahun, belum ada review buku yang saya buat nih mbak :D


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