Monday, May 27, 2013


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This is supposed to be my first entry in 2013, eh? (・`ェ´・)つ

I have a feeling for blogging today. Ah, maybe it's because I'm in the mood right now. On weekend, I have spent most of the day outside, at least I've made some progress this week considering I just spent my time to work and work. Came to my old friend’s wedding party, and went to the cinema afterward. It was very late to watch "Evil Dead", lol. But, my friend and I love to watch horror movies on the last days of movies schedule. Well, the main reason is because only a small number of audience at that time, and of course this will make the atmosphere more tense, haha. That’s exciting, right?

The demon in the movie wasn’t scary. But, my stomach could not stop swirling since the movie was dominated by sadistic scenes. And when a woman cut off her left arm with a chainsaw, seriously made me numb, it's really crazy. After the movie ended, I have seen my old friends were also watching and still sitting on the front seat. And then, I went to the bookstore, and bought a novel "Three Women Looking For Love" since its synopsis was really funny, telling stories of three single women who do a lot of strange traditions and rituals that are believed to make them get married. It reminds me of the Korean Drama "The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry", where Kim Bum (Ha Min Jae) played as the main actor. My weekend was very nostalgic, I have met so many old friends ~♥”

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