Monday, October 8, 2012


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This weekend, I was on a trip to Jakarta. There's a Jrock Evolution tour, I've already bought the ticket. I departed by plane around 10 am on Saturday, October 6th. Actually this is to be my first journey to visit a capital city and my mother wants to tag along, so I've prepared everything so that she would feel comfortable there.

Since we were traveling on weekend, the main street was really crowded. We had to be patient waiting for the bus. We had arrived at hotel at 6 pm, then looking for supper immediately because our stomachs began to sing :D

On tomorrow morning—I have been picked up by my friends after having a breakfast; my mother was taking a rest in hotel awhile. We're going to Skenoo Hall, Gandaria City. There's a Global PS Company Fans Club staff that was filming around fans when I start queuing to enter the concert venue.

My seat was on the 5th row from the front, in the right side of the stage. It's nice, I have met my friends from the other cities. The first performer was UNiTE, followed by MUCC and the last one was Alice Nine. The audience was singing and dancing along. Shou had greeted the audience in Bahasa with his funny accent. At the end of concert, Nao threw his drumsticks. One landed near my feet, but a girl who was standing next to me had took it in a flash. Haha...

The concert ended at 6 pm, then I back to hotel and exploring some places together with my mother afterwards. It was a short trip, but it was really fun.

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